Pink Boudoir – silk scarf 180cmx70cm


“Bedazzled” is an homage to all the stars and starlets that keep the dream of burlesque alive and share a glance of magic with their audience. Each scarf illustrates the connection between Fiona K. and a featured artist. The artworks are metaphorical stages for the respective artists, their props and other creatures which are beautifully arranged to form eclectic ornaments.

This artwork is inspired by the burlseque dancer Miss Tosh and the artist Nina Palomba.

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All scarves are designed and produced in Switzerland. Each design is limited to 30 pieces.

Size: 180cm x 70cm (ca 70×27 in)
Material: 100% silk georgette (transparent)
Manufacturing: digitally printed on silk, hand rolled hem
Care: handwashing recommended, best ironed on the reverse side.